Atlantic 1 Fund Characteristics

name and type of FUND

closed-end real estate investment fund, with private contribution and distribution of revenues, for both private and institutional investors

management company

First Atlantic Real Estate Società di Gestione del Risparmio S.p.A.


Alicentro 2, ASIO, Telemaco Immobiliare

FUND duration

31 October 2025

type of contributed property (*)

7 properties for office use
1 property for use as a cafeteria
38 properties for commercial use

Depository Bank

State Street Bank InternationalGmbH Succursale Italia

revenues distributed (six-monthly)

at least 90% of revenues deriving from the management

net value of FUND assets (**)

Euro 260,760,000

number of shares issued during the contribution


number of shares reserved for the public offer

minimum 417,216 (80% of total offer)

nominal unit value and offer price

Euro 500

minimum packet (60% of the public offer)


large packet (40% of the public offer)

10 minimum packets

offer duration

from 8 May to 31May 2006 (24 May for off-premises and on-line membership)

market listing

Telematic Funds Market (MTF)– Italian Stock Exchange

negotiation code


ISIN code


Global offer coordinator, person responsible for placement, sponsor and Italian Stock Market specialist

Banca IMI S.p.A.

(*) For 3 properties, the leasehold and not ownership was contributed to the fund

(**) This indicates the value of the contribution net of liabilities, including any debts contracted